Cohesive Systems LLC






Cohesive Systems has developed patented product inline lamination technologies that move the current commercial laminated manufacturing process to a completely new level.

By eliminating the requirement of traditional lamination services, Cohesive has developed a new commercial/industrial standard of performance by creating uniform composite structures within the centerline of the laminate.

Cohesive’s inline lamination method permits access to multiple points of the E-Textile Channel Seam Interface Technology components, this process includes imprinted membrane film circuitry, embedded devices and sensors that are positioned in- between the inline laminated E-Textile knit or woven fabrics.

Cohesive Systems has created a revolutionary solution by enhancing performance, comfort, uniformity and aesthetics by reducing the amount of seams that are normally required in a typical composite structure.

It All Starts with the Interconnected/Conductive Channel Seam Interface…